What happens when Ambitious Accountants 'Humanise The Numbers'?

Challenge the status quo in your firm so that you connect better with your team and your clients and your firm's results can be transformed...

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What your fellow accountants have to say...

Dave Hailey

Managing Director, UHY Hacker Young (East)

"The so-called soft-skills of leading, managing and communicating are really quite hard for accountants. We know it's important but what to do?

Being able to see all layers of leaders and managers using the new 'soft-skills' knowledge and skills you've shared with our team is proving highly valuable."

Paul Tivey

Owner, Pinfields Limited

"It's no easy thing persuading 60 team members to buy into the change we need to secure the future of the firm. 

The team away day you ran for us recently has been instrumental in transforming the teams engagement. The team are now fully committed to the changes needed for MTD and the essential shift towards a future-focused advisory service for clients."

Elinor Perry

Owner, Pentlands Accountants

"Knowing you have someone fighting your corner when things get gritty, growly and downright depressing is invaluable. 

The scheduled support we get is great. But it's profoundly reassuring when, at the 'drop-of-a-hat', you get the support you need on an unexpected thorny, mission-critical issue."

Working together...

Join the Accountants Growth Academy and you’ll work alongside other ambitious firms. Firms with similar challenges, similar ambitions and a similar commitment to changing things for the better.

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The Managing Partners’ Inner Circle is a select group of leaders of ambitious firms with fees of £2m to £5m.

Non-competing firms are involved in each group in order to create an open, candid and constructive debate on pressing challenges and opportunities across the firms. Guests and visits to other firms are woven into the Inner Circle's meetings - click below to find out more...

1-2-1 consulting, strategy sessions and team workshops provide ambitious firms with the support and guidance needed for their firm's specific needs.

Thorny challenges are tackled, team issues resolved, leadership issues and strategic planning all feature.

Whether you're a two-person start up or lead a team of hundreds click below for more help...

Like Dave suggests in his comment above the soft people skills are hard!

But grow your people skills and you grow your firm. Ambitious firms do not want to risk not growing their people.

Invest in the knowledge, skills and habits of your leaders and managers and you build the results of your firm. 

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The Remarkable Story

Paul’s passion for the accountancy profession has been forged in his experience of growing (from scratch) a £1m manufacturing business. The annual check-in with his accountant never dealt with the emotional roller coaster of running the business or any future-focused planning.

Onto other business ventures and Paul has experienced buying from 6 different accountancy firms. 2 have been transformative, 4 have been, well just as you'd expect, purely focussed on the historical numbers, not on the people or the future.

This business education underpins Paul’s passion and determination to challenge accountants to better connect to the people - team and clients - and to connect the people to the numbers that influence future results. In the end accountants are people businesses with an expertise in numbers - something all businesses need. 

As Paul says:"Yes it’s about the numbers, but its mostly about the people and how they feel about the numbers. It's why we want to help ambitious accountants humanise the numbers."


Your Humanise The Numbers Scorecard

Complete the survey to see how your firm compares to other ambitious accountants...


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