1-2-1 Strategy and Consulting

If you're willing to CHALLENGE the status quo in your firm, and want to TRANSFORM your results, perhaps we can help?

Ambitious for change?

Ambitious leaders and leadership teams are often impatient for change and want to accelerate the performance of their firm. As a result these ambitious leaders are open to having the status quo in the firm challenged.

However, because there's so much change underway in the profession, it can be tough working out where to start, or what priority must be tackled first.

Technology advances; Making Tax Digital; The increasing difficulty in recruiting and retaining good people; Production difficiencies; Client-care shortfalls; Quarterly reporting pressures; and other substantial trends and challenges make it hard to know what to tackle first.

The starting point is to score your firm's organisational health now... then we can talk through the pressing issues holding your firm back from the success you seek...

What's your firm's organisational health score?

Click the green button to assess the organisational health of your firm. This will quickly give you an insight into what aspects of your firms 'planning-for-the-future' need your attention.

Or, if you prefer, go below and find a few comments from firms who already work 1-on-1 with Douglas and Paul.

Vicky Link

Byrd + Link, Cheltenham

"Having trained and worked my way up the ranks in a strong regional firm it felt like a massive leap to leave and start out afresh, just the two of us.

We wanted to avoid the mistakes most new firms make, to grow fast, but in the right way. So we said yes to working on strategy with Paul and Doug.

Getting clear on our firm's core purpose and core values have made key-decisions obvious and easier. As a result growth has come faster than we planned but it's with the right clients, clients that fit what we stand for. Not surprisingly we are very excited about the future."

Subarna Banerjee

UHY, London

"Being new to the role of Managing Partner I was determined to be clear on where we were taking the firm.

This required clear thinking and more than anything else getting committed engagement from ExCo and the wider team was essential.

I'm pleased to say that all 255 team members now knows what the firm's vision is, and what the firm's core values and behaviour standards are. Even more important we are starting to build a real sense of focus on the firms core purpose - it really is starting to come to life in every meeting and every aspect of the business."

Adam Hickie

Lucrafts, Sussex

"Working with Paul over the last few years has been an absolute game changer.

For the first few years of being a partner I was firefighting.

Paul helped me develop efficient work flows which changed us from being reactive and deadline driven to a much more forward looking proactive firm; serving our client much better.
Paul’s work on pricing has also been invaluable. Its been a complete mindset change and given us the tools to build significant year on year fee growth over the last four years.

Most recently we have been developing a new strategy for the whole business; taking us from three sole traders with a shared overhead to a cohesive business with a shared purpose. It feels great! By using the strategy process with Doug and Paul we are seeing how we can shape a better business and a better life for our team, our clients and the firm as a whole.
Never before have we achieved such clarity and agreement about where we are going and what sort of work we want the firm to do.

How does 1-to-1 strategy and consulting work start?

1. Take the organisational health assessment to set the scene for a robust discussion about your firm's current challenges and opportunities - the questions alone will signpost solutions, decisions and actions

2. Once you've completed the organisational health assessment you'll be invited to have a scoping call on Zoom to determine what needs to change in your firm and how we might help. It pays to work out, together, what pressing issues are holding your firm back and work out how we build a clear, well-communicated and committed strategy for your firm. Only then do you decide on what the next steps should be so that you achieve the outcome and results you want for your firm

3. If you wish, before you commit to working with us, you'll be invited to discuss with other firms (of a similar scale to yours) what their experience has been like working with us

4. If, for whatever reason the work we do together doesn't pay off for you then we would like to return your annual investment - you get your money back


Click the green box and allow us to share two valuable insights with you - both could help you, your team and your firm grow.

You'll also find more comments from more of the current Accountants Growth Academy firms...