Pricing does not have to be complicated…

In fact, if you make it too complicated, your buyers will lose interest as they struggle to understand the process and the format of your pricing system.

How you price your firm’s products and services can have a radical impact on the revenue you make.

Searching for the perfect pricing model can be difficult and initially it’s hard to get it absolutely right. But by trying and testing different models you will find the right one and succeed.

It’s generally hard to guess what any buyer will pay. Offering just one price gives you only one guess, which could be wrong.

However, if you offer a menu choice of 3 prices for your firm’s services, your odds improve.  By offering different menu choices you are empowering your clients by giving them options.

And if successful companies like Trip Advisor, EasyJet and Apple believe that pricing options are the way forward can you really refuse to ignore it?​

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