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Georgina Gallagher-Kennet

Tax manager, Pinfields

"We were sick of living through the hell that was January tax season.

When we realised that a few simple steps could change this forever we dived in.

Within one tax year we'd almost halved the number of returns we had to do in January.

The following year we reduced it even more. No more overtime, saturdays or stress."

Sam Gooding

Goodings, Bath

"Because we followed through on the decisions we made at the Growth Academy sessions one of our management team left!

It wasn't as simple as this sounds but, as painful as this was it has since resulted in a level of team buy-in I've never seen before.

People are volunteering, stepping up and the feel of the firm is transformed."

Warren McCleary

McCleary & Co, Northern Ireland

"The accountability sessions have been absolutely vital! We've made excellent progress in our workflow planning and delivery, progress that we just wouldn't have made without the structure that the visits provide"

I've really enjoyed the Accountants Growth Academy, I particularly admire their ability to not let me off the hook when challenging our plans."

How does the Accountants Growth Academy work?

3 x live in-person workshops each year build a sense of being connected with other ambitious leaders and managers. Each workshop results in the development of knowledge and skill to help improve your results.

Every workshop concludes with action next steps that every firm commits to doing in writing. The follow up support Zoom calls and visits then support you in implementing your commitments.

Guest speakers from successful firms plus other specialists in marketing, human skills, workflow, sales and more add to the knowledge and skill you'll be able to apply to your firm.

Paul and Douglas share their learnings from decades of working 1-on-1 with dozens of accountancy firms to ensure the Accountants Growth Academy pays off for your firm. If it doesn't pay off for you then we would like to return your investment in the programme - you get your money back.

The Accountants Growth Academy actually working...

Here's a video of the action commitments made by some of the leaders of firms on the Accountants Growth Academy. Every firm has since received accountability help and support to ensure these actions actually happened...

About The Course Leaders

Douglas Aitken

Course leader

Douglas always has one eye on the future of the firms we work with. The other eye is on helping ambitious accountants humanise the numbers with more than just knowledge and insight.

"What's really needed is the advancement of new skills and new habits to transform the results of a firm, knowledge is not enough. But change can feel like a tough old grind, That's why accountability is vital." 

As well as contributing to the Growth Academy workshops for the last 5 years, Douglas also manages the accountability support sessions with individual firms. He's serious about your firm's success, why not book a call to find out more?

Paul Shrimpling

Course Leader

Only you can decide on the vision and goals you have for your firm. But do you choose to tackle the changes alone or to join a community of like-minded accountancy professionals and support each other?

"Every firm is serious about taking the action needed to achieve their vision and goals. The accountability support we provide prompts (even forces) firms to follow through on the decisions they make at the Growth Academy workshops. This way we can be certain that you'll get an ROI you can be proud of."

For 20+ years Paul has been challenging ambitious accountants to connect better and stronger with their team and clients. If you're ambitious, want to be challenged why not book a call to find out more?

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