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6 reasons to seriously consider the Accountants Growth Academy...

1. It has to pay off for you and your firm...

Because firms are at different places in their growth journey -  actions, activities and sessions have impact in different ways.  

You can see (below) from the current Academy firm leaders what's been most impactful for them during their time at the Accountants Growth Academy. Hopefully you can get a sense of the common wins across the board and the individual wins for each firm.

But please remember if the programme fails to deliver value to you and your firm we will actively seek to refund your year's fees.

Accountants growth academy members TALK ABOUT the specific impact on theier firms, their teams and their results...

"The entire team is much more focused across the whole spectrum of service and not just the areas they deal with individually. We are now planning future workflows rather than merely reacting to client needs" - Ian Gillard, Director - PG Owen

"Being a member of the Accountants Growth Academy has absolutely kept us focused, brought new ideas to our internal management meetings, and listening to other firms and the things they have implemented that have worked and not worked.
Because we can take our whole team along if we want to, they can see that the ideas are not just thought up by us, they are plans that have been tried and tested and found to work by others. Very importantly it's brought the 3 senior management closer and made us look at the long term goals of the firm and given us something to work towards together" - Denise Keens, Client Account ManagerThompsons Accountancy

"We created a management team which has focused us on running the business not just operating in it. We welcomed Doug's team day and everyone is now aware of the direction we are heading in and the new methods we have implemented.  The practice is just better set up all round" -Kevin Barratt, DirectorThompsons Accountancy

"Our ability to look beyond the accounts and tax returns and have really challenging conversations with clients which add value to them has been improved by understanding what clients really want. We have also learned to change and streamline our systems to make the workplace more efficient, embraced outsourcing and seen a less stressful 2021 (COVID aside)" -Kevin Barratt, DirectorThompsons Accountancy

"Being in this community has had a very positive impact.  It has helped us change our business model and get buy in from the team. Its very valuable to have the ear of fellow professionals so we all learn from one another" - Ian Gillard, Director - PG Owen

"The focus on workflow means that we are much further ahead at this time of year than ever before. This is reflected in considerably advanced fee income and a happier and less stressed team. The practice day with Douglas was really well received by everyone and I think the team much better understand our direction of travel" - Warren McCleary, Director - McCleary Accountants

"I have enjoyed hearing feedback from other firms otherwise you feel isolated in what you are doing. Seeing other firms take on AGA suggestions has given us confidence to follow suit" -Kevin Barratt, DirectorThompsons Accountancy 

"The specific impact on our firm has been the changes we have made valuing all members of the team.  Hosting a team day to present what we have achieved and letting the team be the best they can be. We have continued to monitor our results weekly and everyone of us is held accountable" - Nick Pinfield, Director - Pinfields Accountants

2. Knowledge alone is just never enough...

If all we did was share knowledge at the sessions then little would actually happen.

The growth of your firm comes from acting on the knowledge you get from the Accountants Growth Academy sessions.

As important as powerful insights and learning is, action-planning and accountability is also needed.

Action accountability is the key to making progress and getting the results you want for your firm...

Accountants Growth Academy members TALK Accountability...

"The accountability sessions have been absolutely vital! We've made excellent progress in our workflow planning and delivery, progress that we just wouldn't have made without the structure that the visits provide" - Warren McCleary, Director - McCLeary & Company Ltd

"Keeps us focused on what we need to implement/achieve before our next meeting, otherwise we would drift from our plan of action or simply not do it at all, because of other things we possibly perceive to be more urgent..." - Denise Keens, Client Account ManagerThompsons Accountancy

"The accountability visits have helped as they help me reflect on what we have done not what we haven't done they also keep me focused on the next steps and moving forward" - Kevin Barrett, Director - Thompsons Accountancy

"There are no actions without accountability - the fact that you know we are going to have to explain what we have done to someone else makes you make time for getting this work done. Too often before we had heard a good idea but never implemented it" - Nick Pinfield, Managing Partner - Pinfields Chartered Accountants

3. What about the people involved?  

The programme leaders, the guest speakers but most importantly your fellow firm leaders and managers ultimately determine how valuable the Accountants Growth Academy actually is.

Creating a collegiate, collaborative sense of camaraderie and achievement is the aim of the Accountants Growth Academy.

Here's what some of the current firms have to say about the people involved...

WHAT Accountants growth academy members THINK ABOUT THE PEOPLE INVOLVED...

"They (Doug & Paul) constantly make you think about everything surrounding the operation of your firm but in a way that neither seems intrusive or overbearing. The feedback from team members has always been very positive" - Sam Gooding, Partner - Gooding Accounts Ltd

"I've really enjoyed it, I particularly admire their ability to not let me off the hook when challenging our plans" - Warren McCleary, Director - McCLeary & Company Ltd

"I like the different characteristics of both Paul and Doug and feel they compliment each other. I personally feel both Paul and Doug are not just coaches but members of the our own team" - Nick Pinfield, Managing Partner - Pinfields Chartered Accountants

"Really useful, it has given me someone else to bounce ideas off, and refer back to if we are struggling with areas of our plans or they are just not going quite as we envisaged, having someone outside of the firm that we can contact and get their "unblinkered" opinion is very helpful, sometimes it only takes a small adjustment to put us back on track" - Denise Keens, Client Account Manager Thompsons Accountancy

"Love the enthusiasm they exude and always come away inspired with ideas on how to improve the practice. Both are very personable and interested in our business and we are very keen to continue the relationship" - Trevor Wiseman, Director - Thompsons Accountancy

"This has given our firm the opportunity to discuss pressing matters with other like minded accountants and understanding we are all in the same boat. The resource has been exceptional" - Denise Keens, Client Account Manager Thompsons Accountancy

"It's been a blast! Informative but great fun as well. Thank you for stepping up when COVID struck." - Ian Gillard, Director - PG Owen Ltd

"They are both amazing at what they do and funny with it which makes you feel more at ease." - Dawn Jones, Personal Tax Manager - Gooding Accounts Ltd

"Paul and Doug are an immense support for us - they challenge us, there is no doubt, and we still get plenty wrong but they are our trusted advisors and someone we regularly turn to or just think, What would Paul/Doug say?" - Kevin Barrett, Director - Thompsons Accountancy  - Kevin Barrett, Director - Thompsons Accountancy

4. A stamp of approval takes time...

Because the proof of the pudding is in the eating it's worth getting to know Douglas or Paul before you commit to joining your first workshop - which is why we think a personal Zoom call is essential.

When reading the comments below, look out for the reservations/concerns expressed by the existing member firms. Ultimately though it's your view that matters most and you need to get a good feel for the programme leaders and how we all work together so let's talk.

Ultimately you should really give the programme a road test like you would a new car - when we talk we'll work out how best to do this with you.


The question of recommending the Accountants Growth Academy to any other firm is a double edged sword, on one hand absolutely due to what I have learnt and the progression our firm has made, on the other hand no as I feel i have an advantage over other accountants! - Nick Pinfield, DIrectors - Pinfields Accountants

Definitely yes I would recommend it to a firm/accountant who accepts they do not have all the answers. - Ian Gillard, Director -P G Tax 

I would but only to a firm that was willing to accept change and looking to future proof themselves in an ever changing environment  - Sam Gooding, Director -Gooding Accounts

I would recommend AGA without hesitation, but you have to be ready to embrace change. I hope as accountants we would all encourage our clients to invest in change for the better and there are significant challenges to our profession over the next few years. AGA is an ideal platform to give you the help to manage that change with expert guidance.  - Kevin Barrett, Director - Thompsons Accountancy

Yes absolutely - to 1-5 partner firms that are growing and are happy to adapt. 

I would recommend it definitely -  I feel from what I have seen there needs to be quite a youthful/dynamic element in the senior management to get the most out of it. Because a lot of this is about changing what we do and the way we do it and if you are unwilling to change or are resisting it then this isn't the place for you.

5. A problem shared is...

A problem is halved when you discuss and plan solutions with your fellow firm leaders and managers.

Every session we do together makes sure the interaction, insight and inspiration from other firms' experiences show up - either from the guest speakers or with your fellow member firms. You will of course also do work with your colleagues from your firm.

As the sessions progress there'll be a stronger and stronger sense of camarederie building - especially if we can persuade you to join us for a meal and a glass of wine the night before each session!

Accountants growth academy members on How being in the AGA community has impacted their firms? 

The community that exists within the Accountants Growth Academy has helped us to change our business model and get buy in from the team.  It's been invaluable having the ear of fellow professionals so we can all learn from each other - Ian Gillard Director - P G Owen

This has given our firm the opportunity to discuss pressing matters with other like minded accountants and understanding we are all in the same boat. The resource has been exceptional  - Nick Pinfield Director - Pinfields Limited

It has made us action new ideas more quickly - Dawn Jones, Tax Manager - Gooding Accounts

The community has been a wholly positive experience, it is always useful to know how other similar firms are dealing with issues, mostly the same issues!  - Warren McCleary, Director -  McCleary Accountants

It's really kept us focused - it's brought new ideas to our internal management meeting, we've been able to listen to other firms and things they have implemented that have worked and not worked.
Staff can see that the ideas are not just thought up by us, they are plans that have been tried and tested and found to work by others.
Being in this group together has brought the 3 senior management team closer and made us look at the long term goals of the firm and given us something to work towards together.  We're all on the same page - Denise Keens, Client Account Manager Thompsons Accountancy

COVID could not have been a bigger challenge for us all but being part of a friendly helpful group, actively trying to help each other, without doubt, had a major impact on how we have successfully supported our clients through such a tough period, and continue to do so - Kevin Barrett, Director - Thompsons Accountancy

We've hugely benefitted from hearing feedback from other firms - otherwise you feel isolated in what you are doing.
Seeing other firms take on AGA suggestions has given us confidence to follow  - Trevor Wiseman, Director - Thompsons Accountancy

6. Why do firm's take the leap and invest the time?

Ambitious firms and their leaders are driven to take action and join a programme like this for different reasons but always when they are feeling some kind of challenge or frustration or desire for a brighter future.

But theres an issue! Yet another thing to do, another set of commitments in the diary can add to the feeling of overwhelm and stress. 

However, as obvious as this next statement seems it's true, to change something you need to change something! Investing time and effort in the future of your firm is an ambitious thing to do, even when you are already busy, arguably more important when you are busy!

Here's what prompted some other firms to sign up in the first place and allowed the Academy to challenge the status quo in their thinking, decisions and behaviours...

Accountants Growth Academy members on What Prompted them to Join in the first place

Our realisation that we needed help to radically change our business model to cope with forthcoming legislation (MTD)  - Ian Gillard, Director - PG Owen

We were looking for business support  to improve our processes and systemise the business in order to continue the growth  - Sam Gooding, Director - Gooding Accounts

I was actually initially against joining however my business partner attended a taster day hosted by Paul and Doug and his feed back was to go to the next presentation which we did. I have remained an AGA member due to the continued support by the whole team  - Nick Pinfields, Director - Pinfields Ltd

Generally, I felt I knew what we need to do in the Practice but was struggling to bring the senior team along with me. I also felt that we needed an external mentor to hold us to account and keep us focused  - Warren McCleary, Director - McCleary Accountants

Our practice at the time we joined was probably very similar to most normal practices with all the issues that go along with that. We wanted to change that and be in control of what we were doing, make a real difference to our clients. Joining AGA gave us an opportunity to stand back from the day to day work and focus on what really needed doing in bite size chunks. The fact that we are still members is down to the fact that job is not done yet. It's been great value from not only getting great training but also to network with other, similar firms  - Kevin Barrett, Director - Thompsons Accountancy


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About The Course Leaders

Douglas Aitken

Course Leader

Douglas always has one eye on the future of the firms we work with. The other eye is on helping ambitious accountants humanise the numbers with more than just knowledge and insight.

"What's really needed is the advancement of new skills and new habits to transform the results of a firm, knowledge is not enough. But change can feel like a tough old grind, That's why accountability is vital." 

As well as contributing to the Growth Academy workshops for the last 5 years, Douglas also manages the accountability support sessions with individual firms. He's serious about your firm's success, why not book a call to find out more?

Paul Shrimpling

Course Leader

Only you can decide on the vision and goals you have for your firm. But do you choose to tackle the changes alone or to join a community of like-minded accountancy professionals and support each other?

"Every firm is serious about taking the action needed to achieve their vision and goals. The accountability support we provide prompts (even forces) firms to follow through on the decisions they make at the Growth Academy workshops. This way we can be certain that you'll get an ROI you can be proud of."

For 20+ years Paul has been challenging ambitious accountants to connect better and stronger with their team and clients. If you're ambitious, want to be challenged why not book a call to find out more?