If you do less marketing than you should for your accountancy firm, it’s because you aren’t delegating enough…

Have you ever got frustrated because you gave a simple job to your team and wished you’d done it yourself?

Read the latest edition of Business Bitesize ​and discover how to get your most challenging team member to do a better job than you can.

This 4-page bitesize business breakthrough is about smarter delegation of work and tasks, enabling you to spend more time on marketing and growing your accountancy practice.

We set up Remarkable Practice to help accountants better market their accountancy firm and yet spend more than 50% of our consulting time on non-marketing issues. Delegating and systemising operational work is often the key to freeing partner time for more marketing.​

​Perhaps this rings true for you? If it does and you think you could and should get more from your people, so you can be freed up to do other (marketing) work, then have a look at this Business Bitesize breakthrough here…