What is employee engagement and why is it important

Having people in your firm with the right skills who are engaged in the daily business of your firm is critical to the firm meeting its goals, whatever these may be.
The service profit chain model diagram below shows that by increasing employee satisfaction which results in increased engagement, there will be knock on effects to quality of work and productivity which in turn will increase customer loyalty. This will result in increased revenue and profitability.

Building employee satisfaction and therefore engagement is not simple task and is not one which can ever be completed.

The changing nature of your workplace, the environment you work within and your team members themselves will mean that nothing can ever be taken for granted.

Whilst it may not be a simple task, understanding the numerous factors which drive employee engagement and the ways in which you can control and influence this will put you in a much better place to be able to succeed.

By working through this course you will work through the three critical interlinked factors which influence employee engagement. 

The 3 critical factors for employee engagement
  • Employer Brand
  • Employee Retention
  • Employee Attraction

The purpose of undertaking this course is to take the learning and practical steps to apply these in your firm to make a real and measurable difference.

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