Thought Leadership

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Each of these short videos will build and consolidate what branding is and how it could be impacting your firm...

What Is Branding?
4 Minute Crash Course

What is Branding?
A deep dive with Marty Neumeier

Understanding Branding in 5 minutes

Bitesize business breakthroughs

These 4 page easy to read reports will reveal ways in which your true brand is relayed to the outside world via the way you treat and respond to your clients.  Read any of these and reflect on how the client contact points and interaction in your firm measure up...

Simply satisfying your clients prevents your  firm from reaching its full potential…
How to make your profits take off through caring client contact…
What if delivering WOW client service is all wrong for your accountancy firm?
ONLINE resources

Checkout this online content for more context around branding and think about how your firm is 'showing up'.

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