Your business brand positioning

The Different Types of Urgency Campaigns You Can Create
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About Your business brand positioning

How to understand your current employer brand

Understanding your current employer brand position should be the starting point for all businesses regardless of whether you have a well-established employer brand or not.

This is important as your articulated brand might not be the perception felt by others.

As your employer brand is a culmination of multi-factors which come together it is important to consider all these factors when reviewing your brand positioning. The guidance below is designed to help you understand and evaluate your business and its current employer brand position.

Summarise the information you capture in the SWOT resource.  You'll find the template and the guide to use SWOT in the resources (Resource 5&6)

Your business brand positioning

We have outlined that your business brand and employer brand are integrally linked.

There are numerous examples of where the link between the experience of employees and potential employees and business has had a direct impact.

One well known example is where Virgin Media identified that a significant number of customers who had experienced a poor applicant experience had subsequently chosen to end their customer contracts shortly afterwards.

The opposite is also true where customers or employees feel positive about a business they will refer or recommend others to your business.

Remember those recommended could be potential clients or potential employees.


What reflections from the earlier exercise on your firm's business brand can you relate to your employer brand?

Your current employer brand

Capture the current elements of your employee branding right now.  Consider the areas which contribute to an employer's brand.  

Here is a link to an article that describes the 16 Employer brand attributes.  
Check out The 16 Employer Brand Attributes (

For example:


  • Salaries
  • Bonuses
  • Share option schemes
  • Raises & Promotions
  • Fairness
  • Evaluation system


  • Pension plan
  • Health insurance
  • Paid leave
  • Company sponsored holidays

Career development opportunities

  • Training programmes
  • Promotion paths and opportunities
  • Opportunities to work in other locations
  • Opportunities to work in other departments
  • Opportunities to learn in a university/structure
  • Develop new qualifications
  • Evaluation and feedback to develop

Work environment

  • Office design
  • Office location and commuting
  • Work-life balance
  • Wellbeing
  • Management interaction
  • Autonomy
  • Personal achievements
  • Recognition for their work

Company culture

  • Company values
  • Diversity
  • Existing staff
  • Socialising opportunities
  • Collaboration & team spirit
  • Trust

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