Your business brand positioning

Lesson Outcome

You'll learn abut the importance of how you treat your employees and customers and how this reflects on the overall brand of your firm.

We have outlined that your firm's business brand and your firm's employer brand are integrally linked.

There are numerous examples of where the link between the experience of employees (and potential employees) in a firm or any business in fact,  has a direct impact.  Put yourself in the shoes of an employee of any business - if you have a bad employee experience with that firm are you likely to recommend that firm as a whole to anyone else?  Not just as an employee but as a customer?

Similarly if you have a bad customer experience of a business or firm are you thinking it will be a great place to work?  

Probably not!

One well known example is where Virgin Media identified that a significant number of customers who had experienced a poor applicant experience had subsequently chosen to end their customer contracts shortly afterwards.

Build Your Expertise

The opposite is also true where customers or employees feel positive about your firm they will refer or recommend others to work with or for you.

Remember those recommended could be potential clients or potential employees.


What reflections from the earlier exercise on your firm's business brand can you relate to your employer brand? Use page 6 in your workbook exercise to record this in the boxes provided.

during this lesson

You will have probably identified some critical moments or incidents that have flagged up to a customer or employee (or even future employee) the kind of business your firm really is.

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