How the course works

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You'll have access to a series of modules, chapters and lessons which you can work through in order and use the resources available within each lesson to help you..

The majority of the lessons within each chapter will be spent on practical tools, steps and exercises you can use these to apply to your firm.

Alongside this will be a number of other aspects such as further reading, case studies and top tips to inspire your thinking.

As well as the online element to the course you will have an employee engagement workbook for your own use to keep (digitally or hardcopy as you wish).

Your digital workbook:

In the resources at the bottom of this page you'll find your digital employee engagement workbook as an editable pdf.  

Download it and either print it out or keep it as a digital document.

 You will need this to record the answers and comments relating to all of the exercises and this will be a permanent reference point document for you to keep.

By revisiting the course again at one of your regular reviews you can download a further workbook and compare your progress over time.

About the iconography:

Throughout the course you'll see repeating icons that signpost activities and actions.  
Hover over each icon to see the tool tip.

Lesson Outcome

Workbook  Exercise

Practical Next Steps

Build Your Expertise

Top Tips

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Workbook: Employee Engagement Workbook

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