How to understand and manage your current employer brand

Lesson Outcome

You'll be carrying out a SWOT exercise to help you identify what specifically the strengths and weaknesses of your current employer brand. Knowing these will drive action to improve and make better what you have already created at your firm.

Understanding your current employer brand position should be the starting point for all firms regardless of whether you have a well-established employer brand or not.

This is important as your intended and designed brand might not be the reality or perception felt by others.

As your employer brand is a culmination of multi-factors which come together it is important to consider all these factors when reviewing your brand positioning.

Managing your employer brand is a cyclical process (see below) and one which needs continual focus and activity.
Your approach will differ if you have an established employer brand which is managed and owned. In this case your starting point will be refreshing yourself with your brand and reviewing whether your brand is delivering what you want it to deliver.

The steps below will walk you through how to complete each stage of the cycle.  
Complete the workbook exercise below making use of the SWOT template.

Employer Brand Cycle
Workbook exercise

To focus in on your own brand positioning you can run a SWOT exercise.

Summarise your thoughts using the SWOT Template in your workbook. 

You'll find the guide about how to use SWOT in the resources below called SWOT analysis information and help sheet.

what the best Firms Do

The best firms understand what they do well and what they do less well.
They have an honest view of their positioning and play to their strengths whilst working to develop or mitigate those areas of weakness which negatively impact the firm's business.

During This Lesson

You'll have completed a SWOT exercise and this will help to give you a clear understanding of where you have great strengths to build on for your employer brand and what areas you must turn your attention to.

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Information Document: SWOT analysis information and help sheet

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