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Finding your way around the course and the resources

Having people in your firm with the right skills who are engaged in the values, purpose and culture of your firm is critical to not only recruiting and retaining them but the long term success of the firm. Start your employee engagement journey here...

Your Brand

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Before we move on to look at your employer brand, consider your company brand. Your employer and company brand should be integrally linked.Your approach will differ if you have an established brand which is managed and owned. In this case it may be refreshing yourself with your brand and reviewing whether your brand is delivering what you want it to deliver.

If the idea of branding has really got your interest - here a some more resources to explore about how your customers and clients experience you and what that might mean for your firm's brand.

Quotes and images to inspire your thoughts on branding

Understanding Employer Branding

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An employer brand is how you are perceived as a place to work. It sets out how your business views and proactively portrays itself to both current and potential employees. However, it is also how your business is perceived by past, current and potential employees. This link is very important to make as even if you have not taken proactive steps to define and create your Employer Brand you will have an Employer Brand Regardless.An employer branding strategy is focussed on creating loyalty from current employees, advocacy from past and current employees and a want to become an employee from potential employees.

Your Current Employer Brand

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Now that you have considered the link between your brand and your employer brand it's time to look at your own firm and see which areas you can identify as in need of improvement. You can also ask some of your employees to complete this. If you are seeing some common areas for improvement then this is a clear flag that these areas need serious attention and could be impacting your reputation as an employer. It's an interesting exercise to do also by considering the same questions of a competitor to see how your firm stacks up or how other potential employers for you stack up.

Who are your stakeholders? What do they say and not say about you?

Additional Reading

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Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

3 Lessons

Purpose of the course
  • To have reviewed your employer brand and approaches to employee attraction and retention. 
  • To have identified what needs to be changed and put in place actions to make these changes.
  • To put practices in place to proactively monitor, manage and influence your firms approach to employee engagement.

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