Hiring the right employees can make or break your accountancy firm. The recruitment process is stressful, you already know this.

You and your firm’s reputation can succeed or fail based on your selection.

It’s clear that Interviewing is a time-consuming process and can distract you from the day to day job of running your firm.

Do you have a limit to how many people you interview for a position?

What do you do if more people apply than you have time to interview?

Here’s the thing -  would you want to waste time interviewing people who do not suit the role? But how do you determine this?

There is a way… a scientific way…

It will help you decide right at the beginning of the process who to interview and more importantly who not to, saving you time and money.

Use a psychometric profile to find the candidates that are suited to the role and you bring some scientific objectivity to the recruitment decisions you make.

In a very short time you can draw up a psychometric job profile by completing a simple questionnaire. Use the job description and ideal candidate description to help you.

You can then ask all the applicants to complete a similar questionnaire and compare the two. This will determine whether they are a good match for the job.

Remember - The questions don’t have to only be about their suitability to the job, you can include questions that help determine their personality traits, competencies, style of working and what motivates them.

All these things are hard to determine in an interview but are crucial if they are to be a good fit within your team.

For a proven 6 step recruitment process checkout the free checklist below....


5 Popular Psychometric Tests

Psychometric testing is a highly effective tool used by organisations around the world in various recruitment, coaching and development scenarios.

Psychometric tests usually involve individuals completing questionnaires to measure individual preferences, personality, and ability (e.g. verbal and numerical reasoning).