Whether you like Ed Sheeran’s music or not, you will have heard of him. He is, without doubt, currently the biggest selling male artist and headlined Glastonbury in 2017!

But, this success has not happened overnight, he is not a product of a music mogul or a television programme, he is a product of his own consistent, daily hard work and single-minded determination.

Since the age of 13 Ed Sheeran has known what his Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) is and has done his ‘one thing’ every day to achieve it.

Ed Sheeran’s BHAG is ‘I want to be the biggest male artist in the world’

What is yours?

During 2009, sleeping rough, Ed Sheeran played more than 300 gigs at small venues and open mic nights…

He did this consistently and every day, like knocking over dominos, he moved towards his BHAG – the one he has had since he was a teenager, the one he feels the most passionate about – the one he feels he CAN do!

What is your BHAG – the one you feel passionate about – the one you CAN do?

And what are you doing to achieve it?

Ed honed his talent every day and any day he did not perform, sing or write a song in his mind was a wasted day… a day when a domino should have been knocked over and wasn’t.

This drive, energy and focus that Ed Sheeran had doing his ‘one thing’ every day to achieve his ultimate goal is the reason for his success…

Apply the same consistent daily determination to achieve your BHAG and guarantee the future success of your firm.