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A brief zoom meeting helps us both in several ways...

For the Managing Partners Inner Circle to work it's important that you feel as though you fit in and the other leaders feel you fit in too...

The knowledge, skills and experiences of all the leaders in the group are it's main strength.

They provide the best possible sounding board for your own thoughts and the decisions you're making to move your firm forward. Because they, like you, will be invested in each others progress and success, it pays to find out about the sort of leaders that are involved in the sessions.

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Step 1: Complete the handful of questions when you click the green Managing Partners Inner Circle button below...

Step 2: Agree to having an initial chat to talk through your answers and your quesions so that we can both decide on whether this group is a good fit for you...

Step 3: If it looks like a good fit, join us at a Managing Partners Inner Circle session as a guest to road test the group

Each session has you and your fellow leaders being challenged by important relevant topics and speakers, sometimes in the offices of other (non-competing) firms. This creates healthy debate, decisions and the necessary action aimed at advancing your firm.

Here's how you take step 1 and answer a few questions...

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Click the button below and you'll be invited to answer a series of questions about your firm and your people (9 questions in all) which will provide some valuable insights and help our discussion when we meet up on Zoom..  

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About The Inner Circle Facilitators...

Paul Shrimpling

Course Leader

The value of the Managing Partners Inner Circle sits with the other leaders you'll interact with. Their knowledge, skills and experiences provide the best possible sounding board for your own thoughts and the decisions you're making to move your firm forward.

"A team of leaders sounds like an oxymoron but that's what the Inner Circle is." A team of fellow leaders emotionally invested in your success

For 20+ years Paul has been challenging ambitious accountants to connect better and stronger with their team and clients. If you're ambitious, want to be challenged why not book a call to find out more?

Douglas Aitken

Course leader

Douglas always has one eye on the future of the firms we work with. The other eye is on helping ambitious accountants humanise the numbers with more than just knowledge and insight.

"What's really needed is the advancement of new skills and new habits to transform the results of a firm, knowledge is not enough. But change can feel like a tough old grind, That's why accountability is vital." 

As well as contributing to the Growth Academy workshops for the last 5 years, Douglas also manages the accountability support sessions with individual firms. He's serious about your firm's success, why not book a call to find out more?