What is Employer Branding?

Employer Branding is how an organisation markets what it has to offer to both potential and existing employees.
A strong Employer Brand should connect an organisation’s values, people strategy and HR policies and be intrinsically linked to the firm’s brand.

How does employer branding differ from a company's brand?

Employer brands have the same base as a firm’s brand.

Brands make people want to buy something and feel good that they’ve bought it for a long time afterwards and over time build up brand loyalty, so they return to buy additional products and services from the brand. Ultimately a successful brand will create advocates who champion and promote the brand and its services and products.

An Employer Brand operates in the exact same way, but the focus is on creating loyalty from current employees, advocacy from past and current employees and a want to become an employee from potential employees.

what the best Firms Do

The best firms create a sense of loyalty and pride amongst their employees.  Employees past and present talk proudly about the firm and act as an ambassador whoever they are speaking to - other business owners, friends, family, colleagues and professional acquaintances.  By creating this there is an underlying safety net of 5* reviews being broadcast by all of their employees at all times.

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