Whether your firm is large or small there are constant jobs that need doing every single day…the list of jobs is almost endless, the flow of these jobs is like a river, it never stops.

But if all you ever do is the day-to-day work, every day, all you’ll ever get is more of the same day-to-day work tomorrow.

So how can you get away from the daily grind and take control of shaping the future of your firm?

Here is the key:

Get clear on what you want your firm to look like or where you want your firm to go.

Then work out what one thing  you can do every day so that you get there.

Just 30 minutes distraction-free time or an hour a week will move you towards that goal…

Remember success is sequential, not simultaneous. One small step every day or every week.

Gary Keller in his brilliant book ‘The One Thing’ provides a focus question that you should ask yourself, to help you work out the goal for your firm:

“What’s the one thing I can do today  such that by doing it, everything else becomes easier or unnecessary?”

The question states today, but remember you are in control of the time frame, for you it may be this week, this month or even this year… but at least you’ll be making a start…the time frame must suit the needs and priorities of your firm…

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