Pricing does not have to be complicated, in fact if it is your buyers will lose interest as they struggle to understand the process and the format of your pricing system.

How you price your products and services can have a radical impact on the revenue you make.

Searching for the perfect pricing model can be difficult and initially you may get it wrong. In fact, to eventually succeed your model MUST be tried and tested.

It’s sometimes hard to guess what a buyer will pay. If you offer one price, you get one guess - which could be wrong! However if you offer 3 prices, your odds improve and you will give your buyer choice.

Look around you, if companies like Trip Advisor, EasyJet and Apple believe that tiered pricing is the way forward, can you really refuse to ignore it?

If you seriously want to increase revenues in your firm and give your buyers more choice in their decisions of which of your products or services to buy, then don’t wait any longer to tier your pricing, otherwise, you are leaving money on the table.

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